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Barrera’s Pallets is a company that provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to manage their pallet needs. It is beneficial to have the option to leave an empty trailer at your dock for you to load and have it picked up and replaced within 48 hours. This can help streamline your pallet handling process and reduce the need for frequent deliveries or pickups.

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Used pallets can range from almost brand new to needing many repairs. Based on this, they are divided into high quality grades. They also have a higher weight capacity compared to new ones. At our company, we prioritize quality and aim to provide a good impression. In addition to being cost-effective, recycled pallets often dry faster and are more durable due to less trapped moisture. We have a large selection of recycled pallets available with various design options to prevent damage.

Variety of Uses

Our lumber pallets are perfect for use in storage rooms and for loading purposes. They are made from the highest quality materials to ensure their durability and reliability. Both residential and commercial customers can benefit from using these wood pallets due to their strength and endurance. Keep your supplies secure with our high-quality pallets.

Quality Control & Durability

Use our wooden pallets in your storage room for added protection and to securely load your supplies. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure that our pallets are the strongest and most reliable on the market. Both commercial and individual customers can benefit from the durability and longevity of our wood pallets.

New Options

To meet your needs, we can work together to create custom pallets to your specifications. We can accommodate the delivery needs of your items, regardless of their size, type, or weight.

Used Pallets

If you are looking to purchase high-quality used wood pallets, we are your go-to choice. For years, we have been providing the pallet industry with top-notch options.

Recycled Pallets

Recycled Pallets are undoubtedly the most reliable choice for cost-effective features as well as for maintaining capabilities. Before delivery, each Recycled Pallet we provide has been thoroughly inspected, graded, and repaired if necessary.

Our Solid Service

Winston-Salem Pallets, also known as Barrera’s Pallets, is the leading supplier of reconditioned used pallets in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We use innovative technology and modern equipment to achieve the desired geometric shape using software. Our pallets are always in excellent condition even after reuse – our dedicated and collaborative team ensures timely delivery. Our 24-hour service is available to you any day or time.

Our passionate and resilient team is always ready to provide exceptional supply chain solutions with a commitment throughout North Carolina. Our care for reliability and trust enables us to fulfill our vision and pursue our goal of providing reliable solutions. We prioritize improving the lives of our clients, vendors, and employees every day.

Why Used Pallets?

Due to the shortage of lumber and high demand, new pallets are expensive. Recycled pallets are a more cost-effective option. By reducing carbon impact, recycled wood pallets are environmentally friendly. Recycled pallets are available in all shapes and sizes, just like new ones.

We customize all used pallets to fit a variety of applications and warehouse configurations. You can trust in our pallets as pallet experts provide top-quality grades and strict quality assurance for every single pallet.

Huge Variety

Used pallets in the beautiful Winston-Salem are readily available in a variety of styles, sizes, and dimensions, both large and small.

We believe in and strongly support the concept of using recycled pallets to protect our planet from excess waste. We have a large inventory of refurbished pallets to meet demand, even if you need a large quantity. We strongly believe in using resources efficiently and conserving wood for future generations to increase efficiency.

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With attention to detail and food-grade standards, we offer fast delivery and personalized service to meet all your pallet needs. Our consistent supply chain never runs out. Our commitment to service provides you with quick turnaround and high-quality products at a reasonable cost. Contact our reliable team to see how we can fulfill the pallet needs of your business.

Reconditioned pallets are stocked in our inventory to meet demand, even if you need a large quantity. We believe in using resources efficiently and conserving wood for future generations to increase efficiency.

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All used pallets in Winston-Salem must be in good condition for safety; otherwise, faulty pallets can be hazardous. By sourcing from local producers, we provide a market for their products and a range of options for delivery and storage. Our new and used pallets are in high demand constantly. Contact us to get high-quality and durable lumber pallets at an affordable price.